Do with less

There is a lot that we require as we go on our journey and much of it that facilitates what is we are setting out to do.  Of course, there are the “comfort” items that we enjoy and get used to as well.  It is interesting to think about, what it is that we truly need and then test to see how we do without it.   We can make it into a short or small challenge, do a quick elimination and see how it goes.  Then we can amp it to the next level and do a medium term to long term elimination and so on.  At each step that we can eliminate something and then work it till we get to the basics.  We realize at each step that not all “comforts” are required and that we can minimize and eliminate quite a few and appreciate what it is we need and how we learn to get by with less.  It is a great test and one that we can do over and over again and enjoy it each time as it helps move us forward, not hold us back  

Loving life when I am doing more with less