Help someone

We all know that there is nothing that feels as good as getting help when we need it.  On this journey we can often remember that moment when someone stepped in to lend a hand, in a race, at work, on a weekend, in a new place, the time or specifics of lesser importance than the act itself.  And from this feeling an opportunity to look for a time or place to offer help to someone in need.  It is a simple act, one that requires no introduction or explanation, rather just the act of helping, lending a hand, some time, a shoulder, or just being present for a friend, a family member, a stranger.  The moment just one of many but the impact felt, often more deeply than we will ever know.  So, let’s keep our head up and our smile big as we look for the opportunity to help someone, it will be the highlight of our day.  Indeed it will be…. 

Loving life when I help someone