A good reminder

It is always good to remind ourselves that our adventurous life brings with it a responsibility to take care of the land that we traverse, the oceans that we cross, the places that we visit.  Yes, it is true that by just living we have an impact on the earth, but we cannot use this truism to be an excuse for misuse, abuse or negligence.  For sure we can do all that we do with less impact.  And this goes further than just reduce, reuse, recycle.  We need to bring a deep level of responsibility and care to what we do and how we treat the earth.  It can get away from us if we are not careful – take a look at the video of the cleanup that is starting at Mt. Everest.  When we see what can happen at a place as remote as Everest, we realize that we really do have an impact that we need to take care and be mindful of what we are doing to the earth.  We can make a difference, let’s do that….


Loving life when I am doing my part to take care of the earth