The ground game

There are analogies and metaphors that help us visualize how to think about our journey.  One good example comes from Football where they say that winning happens with the “ground game”.  The grind it out, basic of winning play, where determination, follow-through, team effort and what matter.  It is the place that we can get tired and lose our form and or our will and in so doing we lose the game.  Instead we have the opportunity to work it hard as we can, every play, every opportunity, each time putting our shoulder to the effort and pushing as hard as we can until we can push no more and then push again.  The ground game a metaphor for how we can think about our life, our journey, our mission.  Work it hard every day, never give up, enjoy the challenge and the struggle and win the ground game in our lives.  A more satisfying experience and a bigger opportunity would be hard to find….. 

Loving life when I am working the ground game