Positive Talk

We know that much of how we see, feel and experience our journey depends on how we think about our progress, our life, our achievements, our missteps and so much more.  When we get right down to it, though, how we feel is mostly subjective and we should leverage this to the greatest degree.   Yes, of course, we want to do better all the time but that is not to be a value judgment (if we do not do better) rather just a reminder that we can enjoy the best times, the hardest times, anytime because it is up to us.   Yes, positive talk is not about being naïve or unrealistic, it is about recognizing that each and every day we are blessed to have all that we have, that it feels better when we talk positively, that there is no defined end-game that we need to reach. We just have to put all that we have, inside us, to that which we choose to do.  Every time we do that we have success and a true sense that the life we have been granted is beautiful and amazing, full stop.  Yes indeed…

Loving life when I am feeling good