The oceans are in trouble

For as much as we care, and many of us really do, how we live, what we do, has an impact on the earth and the oceans in ways difficult to comprehend.  And since we can get wrapped up in what we are doing on our journey, maybe a few facts to signal that we need to start to do things differently.

  • Less than 5 percent of plastic in the U.S. gets recycled. The only types of plastic that are widely recycled are #1 PET (soda and water bottles) and #2 HDPE (milk jugs and laundry-detergent containers), and even they are guaranteed to be recycled only if they’re clean, pure, and not mixed with non-recyclables.

  •  There are more than five trillion pieces of micro-plastic in the oceans—more than there are fish

  • In 1950, the world made just two million metric tons of the stuff per year we now make 400 million tons a year

  • Today there are about 75 million metric tons of plastic in the marine environment 

Enough is enough – let’s start at home and do something to reduce plastic waste.  From there we need to get do more –Reduce and Reuse and then some.  Let’s not wait too long the earth needs help now…

Loving life when I am starting to do better for the earth