2,500 posts

What a journey it has been.  From that innocuous, innocent, well-intentioned first post some six-plus years ago, there is no way I could have imagined that for 2,500 consecutive days I would write a blog post on the topic of The High Performance Life.  So many feelings, lessons, insights, and most of all another demonstration, in my own way, in my own life, that we can do more than we think we can and we do not need permission to go big or live the life we want.  I am sure there have been some great posts and some not so great posts but in and amongst all of it has been a commitment to write each day, to take a moment to reflect, to think about something that is worth writing (and reading), to use the process to push good thoughts into my brain and my consciousness, to care enough to make a commitment to myself that I would write every day, to make no excuse and enjoy the process and the journey.  What lies ahead is more of the same, the process of building good daily habits into our lives representative of the power of choice and outcome – the better the choices the better the outcomes.  And so it goes, with a wry smile and a level of internal satisfaction that putting finger to keyboard, each day, has kept the mind and spirit alive and vibrant and since we know not what the future brings let’s go make it of our doing and be happy with what we find out……indeed

Loving life when I am writing a daily blog