From where we come

This journey of ours, at some level it is rather simple, at another level rather complex.  There are parts of what we do and who we are that are hard to understand and still we press forward.  We do so for reasons hard to explain and we are ok with that.  What we know, though, is that where we come from, the foundation of our persona, has a big influence on how it all plays out and with this an opportunity…..We cannot allow the influences of the past, the opinions of what we can do (or not), the advice given from those who know little about us, to guide us going forward.  When we want to dream big, we should, and not be encumbered by someone else’s weaknesses or fears.  We cannot accept a “no” even before we give it a go.  There should be nothing but optimism and eternal gratitude for what we have and what we can do.  From where we come is important, but where we are going is much more important and it is always time to work on it, indeed it is

Loving life when I get beyond what was and could have been