Topics and issues

We put a lot of effort, while on our journey into learning, it is a core part of our life, learning, and fitness mantra. And learning can take many forms, all of which are good.  Most recently we have had been introduced, through the US presidential election process, too many of the key topics and issues that we need to learn more about.  From climate change to gun control, to immigration, there are a plethora of very important topics to learn about and to develop a point of view about and by so doing we learn along the way and get the opportunity to contribute to making “life” just a bit better.  So, let’s spend some time getting to understand the issues and the topics and use our learning to help us navigate what sometimes feels like crazy times.  The path forward is one of being informed and this matter more than ever as it seems like the stakes just seem to be a bit higher.

Loving life when I am learning