21 meals in a week

The thought of a diet seems somewhat counter to THPL.  Why?  Well because it seems like THPL way of life should foster good habits across the board, not just following a fad.  If you have made a sincere commitment to THPL then it seems like a diet implies some sort of compromise against this way of life.  Let me explain:
 For context and  for purposes of this blog let’s use the (verb) definition of diet that states: “restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight”. And so yes, I do think that using this definition that a “diet” is not in the true spirit of THPL.  But, hold on a minute, before I make a snap statement like that I need to revisit what is it that we are working to accomplish?  THPL is all about  Life, Learning and Fitness.  It proscribes that we set goals, that we work in earnest to achieve them over time and that we hold ourselves accountable to them.  And so does a diet fit into this context?  Clearly, I could write a tome on this point but I will keep it simple for I need not pontificate but rather postulate and share that which we know makes a difference.  Then we can put ideas into action for good return.
Funny what you remember in your life.  20+ years ago a colleague of mine whose Mom ran a nutrition business told me, after I told her I should not eat pizza anymore, that there are 21 meals in a week.  Eat anything you want, she said, for one or two of meals just not 21 of them.  And with this simple statement a model of enablement is given as it relates to how to eat for THPL.  It sort of goes like this.  Set a plan for how you want to eat, set guidelines,  portion sizes, and a nutritional profile.  Then make sure it scales up and down with your activity.  You do a lot you eat more (to the plan) and you do less and you eat less.  It works, trust me.  Then make sure that you find the foods you really like, pizza, ice cream, chocolate cake, candy, whatever, and have them a few times a week (that means less than three).  No need to completely deprive yourself of that which you love. THPL is about growing and developing and this does not require a monastic existence.  What is requires is good discipline and thoughtful practice.  Then it works. 
The one exception to this approach is when you have set out a very specific goal to attain and it requires a different weight, different muscle structure, or brain function (yes, how you eat affects how you think).  As you work towards the goal, you can and should adjust your meal profile to fit the activity.  No compromise now. No free meals. That would be foolish.  When you meet your goal – have fun – eat anything you want – and then get back on your life plan.  It will all work with the simple thought that there are 21 meals in a week.
Sally hangs tough, 3:26 + 20 seconds, and 200 pushups on 4:17, these 16 mile run days make the legs the weakest part of the pushup routine. 
Loving life as always but even a little more today because I was not back east in yet another snowstorm.