24 Hours Later

24 hours later, the end of the story, sort of…. With the Ironman done and the reality setting in that the pressure to train is over, that the feat is now accomplished and that the next step is not yet formed, the process of reflection takes over.   It seems to be quite natural as we journey through our own version of THPL that there will be moments, like the Ironman that I did yesterday, that require us to reflect on the preparation, the event and the result.  It could be a race, it could be a degree received, it could be a new skill gained, or it could be hiking 14,000 foot peak.  The challenge itself is less relevant, what is relevant is that any of these major milestones on your THPL journey required that we use the THPL pathway to success, “the Dream it, Plan it, Practice it, Do it approach”.  And for each pathway through each THPL journey there is certainly a level of commitment, sacrifice, and follow-through required that most likely came with a big cost and an expectation for how it should have gone.  And so with the event completed the context is set for reflection, the important step is to make sure that it happens, and in a healthy way. 

The way to start is to first acknowledge that with the journey complete you have succeeded.  Nothing more nothing less.  Times and grades and other measures can be and will be applied, but, in and of themselves they do not validate the accomplishment they are just a view into how it went.  With the accomplishment standing on its own, the focus can be on how to think about what you did and was it to the standard that you hold for yourself.  From there all sorts of reflections can happen and it seems best to let each member of the THPL community to figure this out on its own.   We are all capable of measuring and assessing how we did – what is important is to do it explicitly and then digest it and analyze it so that you can improve the next time.   

And so the net for me, and my race, is that I am pleased with all elements of the pathway to success.  I certainly dreamed a long time ago that I would do an Ironman, now with five completed the dream has been satisfied.  The planning was good, the practice, on the other hand not so good, I did a lot of practicing my strengths and not my weaknesses and it is why I had a mediocre swim and a strong bike.  Do it, I feel really good about the day, it was suitably hard and there were many a moment when I wished it over but pressed forward as it was the plan all along – to finish…..  And that I did.  So, 24 hours later, it is great to be done, to feel great and to be ready to plan the next challenge.    

Loving life, for sure 24 hours later