3,000 miles

A few days ago I blogged about the idea that with 100 days left in the year that we should revisit our 2013 goals.  And lest I be the only one not doing this I have been working diligently to see what goals I could stretch for and how deep into my soul I wanted to reach.  How serious was I really about the THPL?  Was there something that I could strive for that would both give me pause because of its magnitude and also be possible if I stayed true to the THPL mission?  My reflection brought me to the place that I needed to feel a bit more uncomfortable about my next 100 days.  And so it is that I came to figure that since I passed my running goal of the year of 2,000 miles (I am at 2,150 miles) that I could shoot for 3,000 miles.  Sounded easy enough.  Just a few more miles a week?  Then I started doing the math and realized that I would need to run 60 miles a week for the remaining fifteen weeks of the year – looking at a more granular view I realized that I would have to run 8.75 miles a day, every day, between now and December 31st.  Take a day off and the number goes up.  100 days, in a row, almost 9 miles every day.  The more I thought about it the more I realized I had found the goal – hard, and challenging, difficult and a bit risky, but at the same time achievable.  I would need everything to go my way, I would need to stay focused, make the running a priority and get ready for the pain that would come and the constant pressure from the lack of flex in the system.  Yes, Joe, get used to being uncomfortable.

Well here goes nothing (or everything) as the case may be.  I hope you have found a goal that lets you reach into your soul and see what it feels like.  It need not be fitness related – there are, as we know, many other elements of THPL.  Find yours and push hard.  I am sure you will find out the same thing that I will on this 100 day journey – something unexpected, yes, something unexpected.

Loving life while feeling uncomfortable