60 seconds of summer


Too often we are unhappy with our circumstance.  Why did it have to rain?  Why do I not feel well today?  Why did I make a wrong turn?  Why is it so cold????  How about for just a moment, we spin this one around – in the name of THPL.  What if we take time to appreciate when all is well.  The day when you feel good, the time when you just go the right way, a summer day when the weather is just perfect.  Really just appreciating the beauty of life. 

 We need not win a medal, break a PR,  or think a new thought to feel great about life.  We all work hard at improving our performance, we strive to be better, we strive for new experiences and we will continue to do so.  But for a moment, on a great summer day, like tomorrow or the next day or the next stop for 60 seconds of “normal summer” to appreciate the warmth, the sun, the blooms, the sultry air, the open windows and the feeling of comfort in the soul because all is well.  Store that feeling in your head and visit it from time to time – the more you do, the more you will enjoy life and the beauty of it all.  No wrong turns today – only 60 seconds of the most beautiful summer feeling that we could be blessed to have.

Loving life, and summer days.