A bigger place

On a Saturday night, with a moment of reflection afforded by a visit to our home from some dear friends from England, I find myself thinking about the platform we call THPL with a broader and more worldly view.  As wide as the aperture has been for our community of THPL practitioners, we still limit our thinking about what is possible if we only leverage those of like minds and like purpose.  That is – what is it like outside the US?  Do we consider the world stage as we explore our THPL journey?

And so at every turn today I was reminded again and again about this bigger world, for example Track and Field world championships were being held in Russia  - how different is it there?  Might it be that THPL is a privilege?   It is easy to see how many people have no practical near term opportunity to explore the meaning, purpose and results that come from being part of the THPL community.  Maybe one day but not without commitment, effort and change driven by people like those in THPL community. 

And so as you think about the rest of your weekend and the way that you can look more broadly at this bigger place we live in you might want to check out this survey that the United Nations and a few other organizations are sponsoring.  It presents you with a set of choices for what you think would make the world a better place.  Seems to me that there is a strong connection to the Life part of THPL and so you should enjoy giving this some good thought, the choices are harder to make than you might think.

Here is the link to the survey


Loving life with hope for a better world