A Few Words

It is our mission to serve – THPL is not only about us, it is about the mission we choose and the role that we play and it is about the ambitions we seek to achieve everyday.  Along the way we have to continue our quest to serve others.  We need to do it every day in our own way - we are a role model for how to be in our world, living above the fray, caring, loving, thoughtful, challenging and supportive.  We can and must continue to role model for all so that we might have a chance for a place greater than that which we live in.  We can inspire every day and we pray that we can keep the faith, for as long as we play (life), at the top of our game, we will be better for it and so will all who come on to join us on the THPL journey…..

Loving life, that is a few words…