A good tired

The typical THPL life is made up of full days, they start early, usually with a good run or ride, some pushups or pull-ups, a quick bite to eat and then to the task of the day – problem solving, collaborating, thinking, writing, meeting and maybe even a bit of moving from location to location (yes walking is good for you).  The THPL life takes many forms but thematically it is one that has you busy from morning to night.  Many of us finish the formal part of the day with a run, some sustenance, a bit of email, some reading, maybe a few more pushups and then the beginning of the wind- down process.  This scenario plays itself out for many of us day after day.  We sometimes add a plane ride, a train (or five as the case may be to get from Liverpool to Heathrow), a taxi, car or other and you fill up the day even more.  The result is a day that “flies” by – never dragging, always too fast and fleeting.   And when you get close to the end of the day you feel that you did indeed use up your potential for the day, and the tired you feel in your bones and brain is a good feeling – a feeling that comes from productive activity.  And as your head the pillow a wry smile comes across your face knowing that you get to do it again the next day, yea baby, bring it on!

Loving life, and using as much of it every day as is possible