A Million+ People


I dare not make every day for the next 20 to be focused on the goings on about the Tour de France, even though there might be an interesting story coming out of the race.  That stated, as I watched the race today I was truly struck by the numbers of people who came out to cheer on the cyclists.  Literally millions of people, coming from far and wide, spending in some cases, days before getting positioned properly to see the race, and being there for the “few moments” when the peloton cruised by at 25 mph.  All who reported on the race commented that they had never seen such crowds and the riders were all smiles as they took full advantage of the “support” given to them as they pushed hard up each and every climb today. 

It felt like a THPL day on so many levels.  Sure, the boys rode harder and harder, and the breakaways were exciting but what was more interesting today was that millions of people (fans) chose to be “active” today.   They put in a huge effort to get there, with seemingly no regard for the tradeoff between that effort and time they would see the riders.  They could have easily watched the Tour on TV (eurosport) and for all intents and purposes seen more of the race.  Instead they chose to get off the couch and travel be there – to be part of the race – to have a shared (and unique) experience,  to truly be part of a once in a lifetime experience.  Everyone along the route was connected today and “life” was taken to the next level.  

There is great hope when we see what can happen on a day like today.  Today we showed that we can collectively look beyond ourselves and put in great effort to be part of a happening.  Today that happening was about watching a race – maybe next time it will be for a greater cause.  Why not?  All we need is a good cause, an interesting venue and a few million people.  Stay tuned…… 

Loving life, and the power of the people