A reminder

Time starved, goal oriented, performance-focused, our current version of THPL has us with limited time committed to thinking, and reflecting, about the life we have, the friends we are close to and the families that support us.  Can we indeed take a moment to focus on all of the good and great that is around us.  What can we do to avoid falling victim to convincing ourselves that we need not have to say what we like, love and appreciate? 

Is it that we think all of our feelings are known and understood?  That we do not have to state them explicitly.   Inside our heart and our head, though, we know this not to be the case.  If we are honest with ourselves and stopped just for a moment to think about what we might say if we thought they would not be with us any more, then we might act differently. It could be as simple as they moved or took another job or more complex they left us for the heavens. 

What might we say, or think, when they are not close-by.  I am sure that we would come-up with lots of reasons why we love them, the impact that they made on us and others.  Armed with such good thoughts and memories it is time to tell those close to you how you feel.  Don’t wait – run to tell them – it matters so much to them, and to you, that there is nothing better we can do with our time.

Loving life, and telling them why I love them