A simple reminder

Over the past 24 hours I have been reminded by four separate people in different instances that there are still quite a few people who are operating using old models of leadership.  In the past, and maybe at one point for good reason, there was a style of leadership whereby the leader hoarded knowledge, suppressed thinking, and used positional power to control others and limit their potential and their ability to have a positive impact. They did so under the premise that efficiency and speed came from command and control and new ideas were costly and wasteful.  Funny how odd that sounds when I write it. 

And It was also interesting that when I was in the conversations with my colleagues I found myself calling on elements of THPL to explain why the situation they were affected by was untenable and, in today’s era of the transparency of information and the ubiquitous access to it, the position being taken by the protagonist was destined to fail – it was just a matter of time before it happened. 

My explanation was to talk about how Learning is at the core of THPL.  That to live a high performance life required more and more knowledge – it is essentially the “fuel” for improvement.  And, further, knowledge enables learning, and that together they would provide the counter approach  to using control as the disabler.  What we now know, is that the power of learning breaks the back of hierarchy.  It launches a peer to peer world where positional authority and control systems are outdated and ineffective.  Once we believe in the power of the individual and the fact that smarter people make us smarter we are compelled to drop the control systems and start figuring out new ways of working.  And in many instances the old ways are not defensible and they are certainly no longer relevant.

Learning, as a discipline gets you to another level when you find yourself trusting that you can figure out how to do something even when you have no idea why or how you will figure it out - you just know it because Learning is at the core THPL and every THPL practioner knows this to be true.

Loving Life as Always