The goodness of the life that is THPL is that it is rare that there is a moment when we do not have something we need to do or something that we want to do.   We have so much available to us in the areas of Life, Learning and Fitness that in this world of abundance, that we participate, the biggest decisions are the one’s whereby we choose * not * to do something.  This mindset often leads to the idea that we do not have enough time to do the things that we want to do.  The notion of the time starved and busy consumer becomes one of legend and we often let it be the way that we live, that our lives are full and there is nothing else that we can do.  And so it is – or maybe not…..  What if we were not at all time starved.  We do, after all, have 168 hours in a week, how do we want to use them?  Could we fit in activities that we “long for”? Could we practice, and use the time better than we already are?  Clearly we can do more and so it comes down to how much do we really want to do.  The time for excuse is long past – we all know the techniques that we can use to make sure that we pursue and surpass our goals and make them sustaining.  168 hours really is a lot of hours – let’ take our abundance mindset reality and turn it into a way of life.  We will all be happier and better for it….

Loving life with so many hours in a week



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