Acts of Kindness

Is it possible that our traditional view of THPL can turned upside down from time to time?  We know that the THPL journey is one driven by the individual - it is what we can count on.  We define goals and objectives, build our plans and then drive to them.  And when we execute well on our own version of Life, Learning and Fitness, using our personal effort and determination that THPL keeps getting better and better.  And yes, we are not alone on this journey - we do participate in the THPL community alongside other THPL members but it is more done from a distance than one of intimacy.

The beauty of life, though, is in its unpredictability.  And there are many examples of that which we might not expect.  One example that has a significant impact on the THPL practitioner is when we are touched by someone in a way that can only be described as a random act of kindness.  You know the situation - someone does something for us that is unexpected and special and it makes us smile and appreciate the care and attention that is be directed at us. 

It is in these kinds of moments of disruption that we can be driven to think differently, to reach deeper and further than we would have otherwise done so.   We are compelled to pause and take the energy directed at us, internalize it, and then use it as source of motivation to do better.  And we do this for ourselves and for others.  This magical moment comes infrequently but when it does THPL is no longer a concept for us to keep close, and to ourselves, but rather a way of thinking whereby we look for moments to surprise and delight others and to then be the giver of an act of kindness.  It will make us better and the receiver needing to do the same thing……. then watch the magic spread like wildfire.  THPL indeed!

Loving life and feeling very special