I have met quite a few THPL community members over the years and one of the common habits I found amongst them was the love of peanuts.  Peanuts were consumed in large quantities in trail mix, eaten solo or in the best form ever peanut butter.  But before we “knight” peanuts as the king of all that is eating outdoors / THPL living, we need to consider that in America we are now more “nuts” for Almonds than peanuts. 

A Washington Post article recently stated that demand for peanut consumption has been steady during the past four decades; annual consumption fluctuating between 1.5 and two pounds per person, with current consumption at the low end of that range. Almonds, however, are being consumed at a rate of two pounds per person per year—significantly higher and on the rise.  This boom for almonds has been building and it connects to the health narratives being written and the fact that the almond has been associated with heart health and weight loss.  I think it is good to know the facts and it is great that almonds provide a true alternative to peanuts.  But for the record I will state that this THPL member will be sticking to peanuts and especially peanut butter. 

Loving life eating peanut butter