Always Believe

 We sometimes use the phrase “it is always darkest before the dawn” to remind us that even when the outcome we were planning for, hoping for, working hard for seems like it will not occur. What we know, is at these moments (of uncertainty) our  positive believe system needs to get stronger and it needs to go into hyper drive because success is always there for the taking.  Yes, it is easy to understand why we sometimes allow doubt (it won’t happen) to “trump” belief  (It will happen).  We do this to try to protect ourselves from disappointment.  But this is a slippery slope as every little bit of doubt can become a contributor to an undesired outcome.  And so what are we to do?  How do we stay focused on the positive when the signs are not as we would like them? 

At these moments we need to reach into our lives and recall the times that were similarly challenged and good outcomes resulted – why? Often they happened because we put in the extra effort, sometimes because we followed the right process and some because we just did not give up.   The moral / message is that our THPL journey teaches us to practice over and over again that which we know succeeds and sticking it out to the end is the only way to do that.  When we do this, all of the moments of doubt fade away in the shadow of success - and it is truly because we believe, and we know, that indeed it will work out in our favor.  There is no other option or way to think – THPL is our power and our answer, live it and it will treat your right….

Loving life, as it gets brighter and brighter before the dawn