I recently overheard a conversation and one of the people who were talking mentioned how they were “always on”.  But as I reflected on their characterization of “always on” I realized that it came across as uni-dimensional, it was the ever-present technology profile of online and mobile technologies—including instant messaging, cell phones, multitasking, Facebook, blogs, and wikis.  I realized, though, that there might be an alternative version of always-on.  One not, shrouded in, nor dependent on, technology.  I thought of it as the THPL version of always-on. 

This version has us living out our THPL values all of the time.  It is founded on the idea that an always-on  life is required for high performance.  Not moody, nor dependent on exogenous factors to operate in a THPL way.  The classic example is the Navy Seal.  They live in a constant state of readiness.  There is no latency for them to be ready nor to execute.  As a result they are called in to handle the most difficult and challenging situations, a privilege for sure. 

And so it should be the same for us.  The THPL “way” is defined, as “always-on” it is a state of being, one that we live because it is who we are.  Not because we are ready to go on stage and show off.  We bring the attributes of a fulfilled life to all of our interactions and by so doing set the bar high for others to reach for – always-on….seems to be table stakes ever more….

Loving life, and the always-on life.