Amazing Imagination

I am not sure that if we look at the history of the Olympics we would have used the phrase “amazing imagination” as a way to describe the athletes or events.  For the most part the events are straight forward and the winners are those athletes who are best prepared, who execute the best and bring their “A” game when it matters most.  But as I watch a few of the “newer” events in the Winter Olympics, like slope style skiing I am struck by the added dimension of “amazing imagination” that the athletes bring to the competition.  They go big, and then bigger and then take it to the next level.  It appears that they have an unlimited ability to use their imagination to create another different, inspired variant on the theme of flying in the air doing things not previously thought possible.  Whether planned or “thrown down” on the spot they show a spirit that is an inspiration to other competitors, to spectators and to our THPL community who are all out here watching in awe at what can actually be done if you are willing to give it a try.   Go boys and girls go!  Your imagination is an inspiration to all of us!


Loving life with jaw wide open in amazement.