Today I heard someone say, we will do “anything”.  And it got me to thinking.  What is anything? Is that something specific or just a feeling?  Is it a commitment or an intention?  And lest I get lost in thought I went to Google and looked it up – and it defined anything as Used to refer to a thing, no matter what, used for emphasis.   Sounds rather ambiguous for Webster’s Dictionary. 

So, with no help from our contemporary “World Book” (aka Google) I started thinking about Anything and it struck me that there is a strong correlation between Anything and THPL, a stretch, maybe, but not really when you think about how you (or I ) would define Anything.   Our definition makes it seem more obvious, more plausible. 

The THPL definition of Anything is “I will stop at nothing to get a task or commitment or obligation done.  I will allow for no excuse and I will use all of my powers to be successful in my endeavor.  Yes, I will do Anything! With this level of commitment and conviction the THPL journey becomes our way of life.  From a simple word to a way of life… profound.

Loving life and yes, I will do anything