Are we Happy ….or not

There are a few topics that seem to be good to write about multiple times as they can help us along our THPL journey.  One such topic relates to are we happy or not?  Seems simple enough, we are in control of our happiness, right? And we like how it feels when we are happy, right?.  Further to the point, we hold, mostly true, that when we are happy we feel better and perform better.  And this we know this is true because we have experienced it before.  So then why when we talk about attaining happiness on our THPL journey do we seem slightly off center - it is as if we think that being happy is a limiter on the path to high performance.  Or is there some other reason, why is this so hard to resolve?  Is it because we are uncomfortable with being focused on ourselves?  Are we not supposed to be happy? Are we weak when we are happy?  What is it? I am not sure there is a perfect answer that applies to everyone but one element of the issue might be that we confuse being happy with being satisfied.  If we are satisfied then maybe we stop trying to be better, maybe we get complacent, or take for granted what we have.  It is indeed possible that it is as simple as reminding yourself that happiness is how you feel about life and performance and “satisfied” is about measuring your results.  They are not the same and we have to work to get over it.  Yes, by the sheer nature of being part of THPL we should all be happy.  It is a rewarding and full life, one that makes us feel, share, grow, learn and smile.  And along the way by definition we will work to increase our performance and the corresponding results.  Which leaves us with the lovely and vexing juxtaposition of Happiness and Satisfaction.  They should stay as is – foils for the other and a great place to live and travel through life knowing the benefits that they both bring to our journey. 

Loving life and happy all the time



Photo Credit: Photosightfaces Compfight cc