Are you ready?

I often play the why game with myself.  Seek to understand, not to judge. Why is it that way – can you relate? Rise above the fray boy, don’t go down – go up.  Be positive – appreciate what you have.  There is always a good reason.  What can you do to help?  Listen, Listen, Listen.  How might you know if you don’t put yourself in their situation? 

Yes, THPL does stretch you on the Life element.  It is all too easy to ignore what you know you should do.  Why?  Maybe the measures aren’t clear enough.  Might it be that we are afraid of what we would find if we were to reach beyond the inclination to be average?  Is it too hard?  I can only imagine the reasons why – I dare say that I am not sure it matters.  Instead how about we bring a big smile, a clear heart and a desire to grasp the way we know we should live. THPL gives us the construct, it is up to use to execute.  And when we do, we benefit as does everyone around us. 

Loving life, that’s all….