As simple as a Hefty trash bag

Two days removed from the Old Pueblo 50 and given how challenging the day was I thought I should put some thought into how I could have had a different outcome. On the journey we call THPL we are challenged to learn, to get smarter and to drive for better performance.  And what we find along the way is that better performance comes not only from our physical capabilities but also from the preparation that we bring the events that we participate in and the way that we react to the ever changing circumstances that we encounter on this journey.  For those who go out in the backcountry it could mean being prepped for avalanche dangers or being wilderness first responder trained.  Both take quite a bit of work and effort but certainly improve the chances for survival when a bad situation occurs.  And then there are simple solutions that take very little effort but can bring big potential return.  As it turns out there are quite a few people who did finish the race on Saturday.  Their secret weapon was a Hefty trash bag. Waterproof, windproof, light and ultimately flexible.  The Hefty bag can serve as a great emergency aid in windy, cold or rainy conditions.  You can get them almost anywhere and they cost very little.  They can be carried in a pocket or a backpack and they are ready for use in a moment’s notice.  I think, if had one or two with me on Saturday the event and outcome would have been different.  And so we live and learn.  Yes, you should consider carrying a Hefty trash bag with you on your next adventure but more than anything you should also think about what other kinds of simple solutions are out there like the Hefty bag that you can use on your THPL journey.

Loving Life and Hefty trash bags