Be Influenced

Life and Learning – It seems that our preferred method for improving our performance with “these”elements of THPL is to try harder, to do more, and/or to set goals and reach for them.  And while these approaches are quite sound and do help us move upwards in performance my experience tells me that there is a proven alternative to the “brute” force methods described above.  One of the surest paths that I have found to improved performance is to be challenged by another person and their way of thinking – thinking that is different from yours.  You know you have found it when your initial reaction is NO – that is not possible – this is a good sign that growth is possible.  And so when you find yourself saying NO, the next step is to figure out how you can prove you can do it. 

I found a good example video of how we can stretch our mind when we see what someone else has done.  I will let this one play out on its own - I am confident that it will inspire you to believe that anything is possible if you just believe it is.  Enjoy it and then think about how you are going to “create your version” of being different – different enough that others will use you as an inspiration for better performance.

Loving life and the fact that anything is possible