Become a Great Listener

Some of Life’s great learnings are not born in the complex but rather start with simple, straight forward, impactful and easy to follow advice.  And while these lessons are tried and true and they are immediately apparent we often have difficulty in following them.  And thus we need to find a way to “bake” them into our own version of THPL lest we decrease our own potential on our journey to high performance. 

And so in our “Life” category, the category that has collateral impact on learning and fitness and THPL in general, one of the lessons we need to embrace is about becoming a great listener.  It is obvious when you think that to get to better and better levels of performance you need to be a great listener.  On so many levels “listening” provides a platform for a better life.  And on the way to becoming a great listener you get so many benefits – you gain experience from how others tackle challenges, you learn of great techniques, you learn how to do it the right way and so much more.  But maybe more than anything becoming a great listener tells those around that you care about their thoughts, their point of view, but most of all about them.  When we listen we raise up not only ourselves but those to whom we listen.  Try it soon and often – the results are remarkable.

Loving Life and listening……what did you say????