Being one with the Rock

What is it about rock climbing, that when talked about, creates one of two reactions – “that is crazy, I would never do that” or “ that sounds really cool when can I go”.  And after spending a full, and a most beautiful day among the sandstone cliffs outside Zion Canyon climbing route after route I am convinced that it is a lack of knowledge (which drives fear) that would lead one to such a conclusion.  I state this because, the irony is that this kind of “lack of knowledge” is not unique to rock climbing – meaning that we draw conclusions from insufficient information – not the other way around.  Case in point, a parent will, in most circumstance allow their son to play tackle football during High School and will think nothing of the dangers of a full contact sport on their son (and if you have followed the news for the past year you have seen how dangerous it can be).  Which leads me to believe that we can indeed get it to the point where people will embrace the true spirit of what it means to be living THPL by doing activities such as rock climbing.

There are a few activities (like climbing)  that touch on all elements of THPL mantra -  Life, Learning and Fitness.  And so if you want to truly find out what this journey is like, give it a try – you might actually like it, or not, but either way you will be better for what you found out during the process.  As we say to all of our pals on the rocks – climb on!

Loving life even more deeply today