Berry Picking


From local ice cream, to local strawberries and raspberries, the THPL connection to fresh, local, amazing foods continued today.
  THPL was indeed in full action at Connors Farm in Danvers MA this morning as we spent the better part of an hour in the fields immersing ourselves in a great summer tradition – berry picking.   

Summer is the season to collect the freshest berries farms have to offer. I know you can go to the grocery store and by great fruit but, there is nothing like the experience of picking bunches of berries, way more than you need (yes you can and should make the extra into your own pies and jams) and filling up your quart containers and spending as much  time as possible sampling them. If you have not been berry picking I would be so bold as to state that your Life quotient can only go up if you find a way to get out into the fields and for a short while be one with the way that we should all access food – right from the vine.  The taste, flavor, color and overall experience cannot me matched.  And so I leave you with the thought that yes, life can get better – all you have to do is take some time to explore, to participate, to engage and have fun.  Berry picking is just one way to do that.

And if you have a minute, see if you can think about seven different kinds of berries – I started you off with two  - see how many more you can name before you go to Wikipedia.

Oh yea, one other small note – the window for picking is limited by weather and harvest time – so make sure that when you decide to get out there you know that there will be fruit on the vine.

Loving life full of berries