Bike Friendly


We know that our culture has become one driven by and designed for convenience.  We seem to work hard to avoid physical effort.  We drive everywhere, we look to park as close to our destination as possible, and we have seemed to have lost our passion for experiencing our surroundings in a very tactile way.  Given the way that THPL contemplates life, we know that, over time, we need a more active life style if we are to get more out of life and experience it as we know we should.  Being more active and not just in a gym is important to how we need to live if we are to create truly vibrant cities. 

The good news is that there are a growing number of role model cities (like Portland OR) who are taking a new approach, one that is bike (and commuter) friendly.  It takes a big effort to make this kind of change happen.  The benefits are broad – there are gas savings, the reduction of green house gasses and a fitter population that come from being more bike (and walk) friendly.  The good news is that biking to work has increased nationwide by 60 percent during the past ten years (from admittedly a small base).  As we start to, more broadly, to live the THPL as indicated by this trend we will find more vibrant communities, happier people and just better places to live.  We need to work hard to support these efforts as they have broad scale positive results when we do. 

Loving life, with the knowledge I can live in a bike friendly city!