Boston Strong

Yes, there has been a lot written recently about the Boston Marathon.  It is to be expected. The event of last year hurt us all.  Whether you were there in-person or just heard about it we all felt it.  And on the anniversary of the horrific event, rather than grow tired of the stories it is better if we consider it a good reminder that there is a solid thread of humanity in our country. It is good to see that there is a spirit in all of us that is alive and will be carried through till Monday when 37,000 people get to run the iconic course.  Previously Boston was the US marathon that the “fast” runners qualified for - it transcended all other marathons and it was difficult to get there. And now its role on the marathon landscape has evolved - it is now the marathon for the people, not just the bostonians but for all marathoners and spectators for all of us who know that no one can take from us what is important to us - our freedom, our ability to dream, to seek out more and to take on challenges and deliver on them. The metaphor for our lives is obvious and our THPL commitment is to be at Boston in mind, body and spirit.  I am privileged to be at the race on Monday April 21, 2014 and I will give it my best out of respect for every person who was there, will be there and might one day be there.  Boston is important and it is good to be reminded of this - even if it is often.
Loving life and thinking of the Boston Marathon