Breakfast options

We have all been told that there is no more important meal in the day than breakfast.  And while I have not surveyed our entire THPL community my selective sampling tells me that it is the favorite meal of those on the THPL journey.  Given that many of us seem from time to time conflicted by our full schedules such that we pass on this ever critical meal I am not sure what to make of a new and ever more present option for breakfast on the run.  It appears that the likes of the chain restaurants see this as a big opportunity and they are now offering options that might actually be “acceptable” and satisfying to our community.  An egg white McMufin , at $1, appears to be priced right and to have a decent nutrition profile. Dunkin Donuts has an egg white flatbread and then there is the Mediterranean egg white sandwich at Panera Bread.    There are of course smoothies and yogurt parfaits to offer an alternative to a donut on the run. 

So, it appears that we do have many options for breakfast and that the options will get more varied and “appropriate”.  Might it be then, that we should give a few of the new options a try when we have no other alternative?  It would be interesting to find out how it works.  And maybe if it is not perfect, it can serve as a backup plan or maybe we just like it.  Either way, let’s keep breakfast as our number one meal and not miss it.  Start the day on the right trajectory and the rest of the day falls into place nicely. 

Loving life and eating breakfast every day



photo: Behance Giron Mathlide