Can White Be Good For You

In eating there is a long held premise that “white foods” are rarely good for you.  We are told that most superfoods are those with vibrant colors.  But, as we know, it is better to be informed and know what is really “true” and not just a tale told that we believe in but are not sure why.  An example of this is Cauliflower.  Yes, the all but forgotten vegetable that many thought was flavorless, bland and either very hard or rather mushy.  Ah, but things do change, and as we take our THPL journey and look for food to make our “Life” better it is good to have an open mind and better info lest we be disappointed when we are left out of something good. 

Cauliflower is quite the versatile vegetable, super high in Vitamins C, B and K it can take on a lot of flavors and textures that bring a plate to life.  When roasted, cauliflower has a nutty taste that is slightly sweet and blends well with just about any cuisine.  When raw, it is a great food for a dip and it can stand up to hearty dishes like steak and fish.  It can also be the base of a wicked good puree that can replace mashed potatoes when you are looking for something interesting and different to eat. 

The more we look to tasty, healthy, versatile vegetables to serve as the base for our meals the more we will be able to extend our food experience, set a foundation for high performance and set a plate for great taste that is natural and unexpected.

Loving life while eating cauliflower