Celebrate on the Way to Success


Now that you are getting comfortable with the idea that it is the journey that really matters as you work your way through THPL, you should be much more comfortable taking a moment to recognize the progress you have made, to celebrate success along the way and to be happy with your accomplishments .  And even as I write the prior sentence I catch myself wondering if I too casually suggest that it would be easy to celebrate.  We all like to celebrate don’t we?  Of course we do, it is fun to celebrate.  What’s not to like?  And then I start to think, when was the last time I held a celebration to recognize progress along the way, to commemorate a major milestone, or maybe to celebrate by shaking hands and thanking people for their contribution.  Maybe it is not as recent as it should be and maybe this is not as easy as we would like.

The conundrum is baffling.  On the one hand we know it is good to celebrate and on the other hand I know from personal experience that in pursuing THPL you are rarely satisfied and when you are, it is to such a minor degree that you would rather continue working so that you can get better.  You put off the celebration and you tell yourself that you will celebrate at the next milestone, yea, that’s it, when you get the next bigger deal closed, when you roll out the next best version of the software, or maybe when you get a personal best in a race (doubtful as you will think you could have gone faster) 

As sad as all of this may sound I am sure there are a few of us still waiting for something truly momentous enough to celebrate.  As a matter of fact I still have a bottle of vintage champagne given to me eight years ago to celebrate a big sales win that I had – it was the largest deal of the quarter for a very large IT company and I did not open the champagne even then  :-(.  The thought that I would need to close something bigger to celebrate with the champagne is sad and disappointing.   

And so as I reflect on the absurdity of this seemingly common behavior for those pursuing THPL, I am reminded of the time when, after four years as CEO of a software company, I was sitting with the Chairman in his office and I thought he was going to give me constructive feedback.  And well he sort of did, it was just not on the topic I expected.  He asked me to read a quote painted on his wall from John Adams; The quote read“We cannot insure success, but we can deserve it”.  And he then proceeded to coach me on how to measure performance and how to celebrate those moments that are special and bring cause to pause.  Celebrate on the way to success because if you are waiting for success you might just never celebrate. They do not have to be momentous, they just have to be able to mark something that you want to remember or something that you feel is desirous of recognition.  It is that simple. They are words to live by and we as well as everyone around us will be better for it when we do.

Sally is still with me - 3:26+20 seconds, 190 pushups on the 4:17.  I will say I felt it tonight - need a recovery day tomorrow, yup that’s it! 

Ciao my friends, Ciao

Loving life, always and forever