Change of Seasons

Not sure if it is the calendar that triggers the thought that Fall is upon near as much as a 40 degree morning does.  The feel of the crisp morning air, the mesmerizing clear blue sky, the visual hue of a few leaves the color of an autumn harvest and for certain I know it is Fall.  There is a certain energy that comes when the seasons change, the dawn of a new, yet familiar feeling, one that at this time of year is connected with traditions like apple picking, pulling on a favorite wool sweater, and the prospect of an upcoming Thanksgiving feast.  It is indeed a great feeling, the familiarity can bring many layers of happiness, satisfaction and strength.  And at the same time the shortening of the days and the quickly approaching end of the year make us think about what we still have yet to do and accomplish in 2013. 

So, maybe this moment of change has come at the exact right time.  On the THPL journey we can find that the challenges we take on are demanding, and hard, and at times difficult to sustain.  Yet we know that we can both appreciate the progress we have made and, if we choose, we can make a commitment to ourselves as to what we want to accomplish before years end.  Indeed it seems a perfect time to take a moment to reflect, to focus, to reset and recommit.  Is it time to do more, to raise the bar?  Or is it time to redirect, appreciating all that we have accomplished.  It is indeed our own THPL journey and the best part is we all get to decide what to do and how to feel.  Satisfied, maybe not…..content, for certain. 

THPL is alive and well and ready for anything.  Fall here we come!

Loving life and the change of seasons