Clif Bar

I cannot remember the first time I ate a Clif Bar, it has to be ten years ago.  Since that first bite I have eaten more than my fair share and have shared thousands of Clif bars with friends around the world.  And I have enjoyed them, not only when on a ride or long run, but as a great travel snack when I cannot find the food I want, and I still need to eat - having a Clif Bar in my backpack is like a little treasure that can satisfy me and be the difference between a good and a hard trip.  *** I think that if pressed I would say that the crunchy peanut butter bar is my favorite but there are so many great flavors that it would be hard not to find one that you would like. 

Upon a bit of reflection, though, I think I like Clif Bars, not only for their taste, but because the company that makes them exemplifies the attributes of THPL.  They care about performance and thus have created well conceived, nutritionally balanced, bars that taste good and keep you operating at a level of high performance.  Beyond the bar, is a company that has THPL values in its fiber.  To quote their thinking “When riding we seek out the serenity and quiet of remote alpine valleys on the smaller white roads.  It is the winding road and not the destination that drives Clif Bar. It’s a simple, and more rewarding kind of riding and doing business. From our people to our products to our planet, it is on the smaller white road that we choose to travel”  Well said……

And so we have, another flavor (pun intended) of THPL, where people are making choices to live differently, to seek to get more out of life – to maximize performance and to do so in the work being done, a product being sold and a set of lives being lived.  It is nice to know that there are communities of like-minded people living THPL.  Very cool for sure

Loving life, eating a Clif Bar.