Closing Ceremonies

Seventeen days ago the games of the XXII Winter Olympics started and every day without fail we were met with example after example of high performance, it was truly a living example of THPL executed on a grand scale.  The dedication, preparation, and execution, by the athletes, on the world stage gives us reason to believe that this journey that we are on – one committed to high performance in each of our lives – is one that is emotionally, socially and competitively fulfilling. 

And while it is unlikely that any of us will be an Olympic athlete there is nothing to stop us from living a life of commitment and the pursuit of better and better performances.  As the games come to a close it is worth a moment to remind ourselves that THPL does not end when the cauldron flame is extinguished.  Rather the Olympic flame is kept lit as a reminder that we are to keep our dreams alive, that we are to press and push to the next level and that the games of the next Olympiad will be there waiting for us, once again, with some of the best performances the world has ever seen.  Thus, we can and should choose our own parallel path towards our version of the next Olympic Games – whatever our goal, our destination, our purpose when we stay true to THPL it ensures that the win can be had and the life worth living can be ours.  Here’s to role modeling THPL for real, again and again and again

Loving life and the power of the Olympic rings