Coffee and Water

THPL requires proper hydration and lubrication to perform at our top level.  We want to be sharp and ready to perform and there is one sure way to do this – yes, coffee and water.  Could there be a better choice?   Seems to make sense as worldwide they are two of the most consumed beverages.  And if we are looking for good reason to consume these beverages we can find many.  They hydrate well, bring little to no calories to drinking, they are readily available and there are a lot of rather medicinal benefits to them– seems to me that this lines up very well with THPL.  How about these amazing benefits of drinking what is our favorite beverages

  • Coffee is full of antioxidants
  • Coffee makes us happy
  • Caffeine increases athletic performance and coffee has it
  • Water is the perfect portable and accessible hydrator
  •  Water has no calories

Of course there are good drink alternatives and they can serve a useful purpose, juices, sport drinks and other energy beverages are there when we are looking for something different, but if you have a choice the simplicity and availability of both might just have you considering majoring in coffee and water consumption, and you might just find that you are better for it….

Loving life with coffee and water in hand!



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