Cold Days

Winter has not officially begun but it feels, from the outside temperature, that we should be settling in for months of cold days.  The cold weather has a tendency to make us lethargic or susceptible to a litany of excuses as to why we should avoid our fitness schedule.  We need to think about how to make sure that the weather does not become an obstacle to making fitness progress at this time of year.  Yes, THPL, needs us to stay active for twelve months a year, it need not be every day (but that is ok too) it just does not allow for months of time off.  We can reduce our activity but since we have made such good fitness progress over the year there is no reason to give it all back by taking off large chunks of time.  Yes, it is cold out, and it is a bit harder to get going but every time you do I am certain you feel better when you are done.  Warmed up, flexible and satisfied having done your fitness routine your version of THPL feels vibrant and purposeful.

With knowledge and a nudge pushing us in the direction of using fitness to trump the cold, the only part left is to build some structure to your activities so that you can make sure to keep moving forward.  Set weekly schedules, decide in advance what you are going to do, treadmill, outside run, spin bike, weights, hike in the woods, you get to choose what you want to do and when, and by doing it in advance you avoid the “it is too cold” excuse.  Your “speed” does not matter, all that matters, for now is the activity.  You win every time you get in another day of exercise.  And just think by the time the cold days start turning to warm days you will be in the best shape of your life and your start to Spring will literally be with a spring in your step.  THPL once again delivers – because you decided to make it so.

Loving life and 10 degree weather