Comfort in Routine

Day XX - Funny thing - lost another 4 seconds - 2:40 tonight - but felt better.  I think I know what it means - I still have work to do.  That’s ok, I love this kind of thing. Make it routine, routine, yea, that’s it - there is real comfort in routine I looked it up  it is defined as “tasks, chores, or duties that must be done regularly or at specified intervals; typical or everyday activity”   

We are all good at routine - you look forward to them and live for them and so in some crazy sort of way I don’t want this to end.  So, I lost four seconds, yes, but I still have my routine - to make sure it stays around for a while I added ten more push-ups at the end.  Yup, got to 2:40 - took my rest interval - finished it out and then started another song  4:26 minutes to do 110 push-ups = hard, heart rate screaming, time flying by - just barely made it.  (and not to worry I did the other stuff too, spin, run etc…..)

So, hope you like your routine 


Joey g