So how do you take something that all too many people believe has no value and turn it into something of value?  Not easy to do.  With compost we have an example of how to do this.  The issue is “good ideas” don’t come to life on their own – often they are hard to get implemented and rolled out because change is required.   

Compost, as it turns out, is a good opportunity for those of us on our THPL journey to give back to the earth and to do so for today and tomorrow.  Today food waste is sent to landfills and the cost of sending this to landfill is high, especially given that there are some very good options for how to benefit from food waste.  It is intriguing why it is that doing things that are good for us, both in the short term and the long term are hard and take great effort to achieve.

Think of your THPL journey – improving your fitness, your mind, your life, can make your life better yet it takes great effort to act differently, to be able to improve and grow.  We have to be willing to put in a bit more energy to make change happen, especially if we want to sustain it.  We know, by example and experience that the effort produces great result and yet we still struggle to sustain the momentum.

This compost idea has the same attributes that do the positive results that come on a well-executed THPL journey.  We can save money with composting, we can improve living conditions and we can reduce the need for expensive and ugly landfills.  Minimally, the hope is that we will consider how to make this simple and effective step part of how we live.  Two organizations are working to make this happen in NYC – Hello Compost and Project Eats.  Nominated for one of the Innovation by Design awards given by Fast Company there is real promise for the idea.  The hope is that this idea does not take as long to take hold as did recycling. But as it is worth the effort, just as THPL is, we will find a way to make sure it becomes more and more real every day.  

Loving life and simple ideas like composting