Courage or Conformity

The opposite of courage is not fear, rather it is conformity.  It is our choice, daily, to decide if we are to lean in, to do more, to take risks – in essence to show courage….or to follow, to obey, to conform.  While inherently conforming is not a bad option it limits the range of what is possible.  Thus if we are to improve our life’s performance, if we are to experience new, if we are to stretch so we can do more then we have to embrace and embody the essence of what courage does for us.  We need to avoid conforming – and we have to be purposeful about doing so as it is so easy to conform - conforming lets us fit in, and it feels natural and it is the low risk option.  Unfortunately, it also caps what is possible and we, on the THPL journey, need to avoid it – almost at all costs.  Courage is not about “slaying dragons”, rather it is about letting loose your inner power so that you can do more than dream, you can rise up, seize opportunity and do more than you think you can.  Yes indeed, courage is all about THPL.

Loving life what else do you do?