Creating Better

For as long as I have been living a version of THPL I have found that the best way to improve one’s performance, to better an opportunity, to increase the probability of success is to tap into the collective wisdom and experience of the team / individuals who I am associated with or working with at the time.  It can sometimes seem counter to the way we were taught about how to show our value when we felt we needed to have all the answers.  In fact this never  really works and in the ever changing and fast moving world  we now live in it is next to impossible to be able to handle everything by yourself.  

So, then it seems then that there is only one way to improve performance.  The secret is to collaborate, team, and communicate as often and as frequently as possible.  Once you do this and see how the results get better and better you will be hooked and you will find that you seek out opportunities to collaborate and engage and then create better outcomes.  It actually is even more fun this way,….go figure.

Loving Life especially when collaborating