Cultivating Performance in Others


Living the High Performance Life should not always be about you and your own personal performance.  In fact, I offer, that to truly live a high performance life you need to share what you know, how you think and what you do with others to show an example of what is possible and how to achieve it.  This can take many forms with the first most important element a challenge to yourself to find people who you know would be interested in learning from you.  Interestingly, this is not that hard.  You can find friends, co-workers, family members, even strangers who have an interest in something you are good at (reading, writing, problem solving, running etc).  One you decide to offer yourself you need to be on the lookout for some of the telltale signs of interest.  Did they ask a question?  Did they watch me?  Have I seen them in action?  Next, you need to be willing to offer your help, assistance or support.  The form of what you offer is much less important than the fact that you are willing to get  involved.  What you do, specifically, will be a function of what the person needs and this will become obvious the closer you get to the person.  Most importantly, you need to be willing to get involved and stay involved.  Showing a high level of caring is critical to the success of this endeavor.  I know too many people who start the process and quit.  If this is your plan then I suggest you do not start.  It is just not right to set expectations that cannot be met. 
So, now what?  You have identified a person, they are interested and you are ready to jump in.  Well, there is really no formula but there are some very good techniques.  Reach out often – there is nothing that says more about a sincere effort than repeated and unsolicited “call outs” to the person who you are helping.  Next offer to participate in their selected activity that you are going to help with.  If it is a run – then go running together.  Just remember that you are there to support the person not to race.  And then lastly, offer your advice and experience to help them avoid mistakes, help them to learn to improve technique, and then elevate their expectations for what is possible. What I can tell you is that if you stick with it both of you will be better for it and will feel great.  Now you are really living the high performance life and with your new found power and your willingness to share with anyone who wants to get in on this journey you can do this again and again and then maybe one day we will have a truly high performance community to live in .  Now how fun would that be?
Sally is alive and so am I - another day that I made it to the end of the song - big news, well sort of - got to 180 pushups hit the last one just as the song ended - yea!  4:17 - seems to be a good number today.  Performance thought for the day - the performance pattern tells me it is all about the first set - the more I get done in that set the higher the total number - today it was 75 in the first set.  Can’t wait till tomorrow - any predictions on the number?  
Loving Life!