Day One of the Penn Foster Choose to be More Bike Tour

Dateline April 25th, 2013. Four riders, 104 Miles and six + hours of riding  

Today was yet another example of how THPL plays out in real life, not just on the pages of a Blog.  And so I thought I could take a different path today with the blog and send you my top ten list from today.

  1. Florida really is flat – 104 miles, 400 feet of elevation gain – that is fun
  2. Two of our riders set personal best distances with the 104 mile ride.  They did so because they set out the goal to be on the bike tour – 300 miles, three days – They started by believing anything is possible and today they proved that
  3. You can actually complete the Moby Flower Sally challenge in the middle of a 104 mile bike ride.  I was challenged and I was able to deliver
  4. Sunscreen only works when you rub it into your skin – otherwise you get the proverbial “farmers tan”
  5. When confronted with 20 mph headwinds it is best to allow others to “break the wind” and for you to draft off of them.
  6. You can eat potato chips and Kind Bars at every rest stop and not grow tired of them
  7. A great support team makes even the toughest of events tolerable.  And we had the best support team today - you can see this again and again in life.
  8. You can send instagrams while biking and thus everyone can know instantly where you are.
  9. Other people (like our HS kids in South Florida) start to believe that they can dream when they see others doing hard things and succeeding.
  10. There is nothing like looking forward to day 2 !!!!

Loving life on a bike in a very, very big way