Do it with someone

High performance, THPL, it is multi-dimensional; it has texture, feeling, reward and satisfaction.  It is, for sure, about how we do better, go faster, be smarter – focus gets us there and we love it when it happens.  Along the way, though, we have the opportunity to make it even better, we can make it better when we take part of our high performance journey with someone else, maybe another member of the THPL community, or maybe just with someone who is important to you.  Whichever option, what matters is that we slow down enough to make time to share our experiences with others – family, friends, partners…… we have to get out there and be with someone else as we explore the activities and actions that make up our version of THPL.  Take a run together, read the same book, sign up for a yoga class, it is your choice but make sure to do it with someone.  The reward comes from the shared experience, the camaraderie, the conversation.

Funny thing is that once you do it you might find yourself needing to do this regularly as it really is one of the rewards of THPL – being able to share something that is special and meaningful to you with those who want to do it with you.

Loving life and even more when living THPL with others